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Metallic Corrosion

Pure metals and their alloys tend to react with environment become a chemical union with the elements of a corrosive medium to form stable compounds similar to those found in nature. Metal then will loss occurs in this way, the compound formed is referred to as the corrosion product and the metal surface is spoken of as being corroded.

The Corrosion reaction actually is a complex phenomenon that may take any one or more of several forms. The corrosion usually confined to the metal surface, and this is called general corrosion. But it sometimes occurs along grain boundaries or other lines of weakness because of a difference in resistance to attack or local electrolytic action. To control the corrosion people just try to limited the acceleration of corrosion by modified to metal like using chrome plating or anodizing metal.

In most liquid system condition, the corrosion reaction is divided into an anodic portion and a cathodic portion, occurring simultaneously at discrete points on meta…

Rust on Chrome Plating

The purpose of chrome plating on certain metal surface make the metal can stand more to corrode. But chrome plating is not stand to corrode forever, chrome plating will rust in use for period of time. After the surface is exposed to environment air, rust on chrome plating will happen. The time to stand in normal environment may be for 2 years, but in corrosive environment like surround the chemical plant it's can't stay for year, may be just 6 month the surface already corrode, many spot in the surface and some yellowish spot and brown spot already merge.

Some picture about rust on chrome plating surface can be seen below:

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Electropolishing ServiceChrome plating and anodizing process

Chrome plating and Anodizing process

Electropolishing Service

For aluminum anodizing, electropolishing is a part of anodizing process, but electropolishing is not just use in only for anodizing process, but also use for other alloy metal like stainless steel. Electropolishing definition also known as electrochemical polishing, it mean that the process of electropolishing using electrolytic system. Electropolishing is removed all the dirt that stick on the surface of aluminum. The work of electropolishing like the reverse of electroplating process, workpiece that usually is placed as Anode then moved to Katode position.

Electropolishing also removed small scratches on the surface of aluminum, burr and unwanted sharp edges of aluminum surface. Electropolishing on other metal also can do and will work and function the same way to aluminum metal. Electropolishing can work for most 300 and 400 series stainless steel alloys. Then finishing use satin to mirror bright can be produced by controlling timer, temperature, or both.

Electropolishing already …

Anodizing Process Coloring

Aluminum Anodizing is a surface treatment process in which aluminum is treated as anode in electrolysis system. On this process aluminum is deliberately treated in order aluminum oxide film created in the surface of aluminum. In nature Aluminum metal easily reacts with oxygen, creating an extremely thin oxide film but on normal reaction with air, this layer is easily to peeled up. By anodizing process this layer can be created more tough and not easily peeled up, because the thickness of aluminum oxide film can more thick and homogen in all over the surface of aluminum. On the process aluminum is anodized by immersing it in an acid (the electrolyte) and applying DC (direct current) electricity, with the workpiece anodic (positively charged).

Aluminum anodizing can resulting many kind of color because this color is created by immersing some chemicals or dyeing color below the oxide film that is created on the surface of aluminum. The coloring process after anodizing to the surface…